Genesis Pro Update V1.0.3

A new patch is now live for the Genesis Pro. Important note to users that use: Genesis Pro 64-bit Jbridged V1.0: If this Jbridged version is working for you, please keep using it. Unfortunately we cannot advise you to update as the new updates only come with the 32-bit installer. The only version that came Jbridged was our launch version on 14th of March We advise these users to wait for the Genesis Pro 2.0..... Read more

Genesis Pro Update V1.0.2

A new version is now live for the Genesis Pro You can download your new installer from here (32-bit only): ..... Read more

Genesis Community

Imagine a place where you can find anything. The Synth, the sounds, the skins, the community…our goal is to bring everyone together. We want everyone to make music and share their creations with the world. We hope to achieve this goal by introducing our own Marketplace. Please stay tuned as it is currently in development. We hope to roll out as soon as possible.

Become the creator

Be creative, create and share. You can be an official designer for Oz Soft. There will be an announcement made in the upcoming week and information given on how to apply for a Designers Account. Please keep an eye on our website.