- Please do not order multiple quantities of Genesis in 1 order. If you would like to get a 2nd key, please make a seperate order.

- PLEASE NOTE: JBridge version is currently not included in the installer - we will offer a Jbridge version very soon (fixing some bugs)

You can install the 32-bit version and use native bridging of your DAW.

This should be fixed now, please try again. If you do keep getting the message still, please send us an email with your serial key and DAW info (info@oz-soft.com)

This should be fixed now. If it still does not work, please send an email to info@oz-soft.com with the email address you have used to register.

Please check the FAQ to see what version you should install with your DAW. And boot up your DAW in administrator mode.

Please try to redownload the file as the download might have been corrupted. If the problem still persist after redownloading/reinstalling, please send a screenshot of the error and email it to info@oz-soft.com (please provide info on your system and DAW used)

- It is important to run your DAW as Administrator (right-click on DAW, choose Run as Administrator) , otherwise the plugin will not load. It may display "connection error" or "Connection was lost to the plugin".
- If you use any of these DAWs (64-bit): FL STUDIO / CAKEWALK / BITWIG / REAPER / SONICSTUDIO / SOUNDBRIDGE or any other that has Native Bridging, please install and use the 32-bit version of the Genesis Pro. These 64-bit DAWs have native bridging, meaning they bridge any 32-bit plugin to 64-bit without any issues.
- If you use any of these DAWs (64-bit): ABLETON / CUBASE / REASON or any other DAW that has no native bridging, please install and use the 64-bit Jbridged version of the Genesis Pro