Firstly we would like to thank you for your order of the Genesis Pro. 
When we went live, we were pleasantly surprised by the amount of traffic we were getting , but just after 7 minutes we realized we were going to have a lot of problems. Despite all of our efforts and preparations we were still overwhelmed by the amount of attention the Genesis Pro received. 
The crash after 7 minutes and the continuous traffic triggered a lot of unexpected problems. Naturally this led to a huge wave of emails. We tried and keep trying to help everyone but with our small team we can only do so much. If you haven’t received a reply to your problems, please bear with us as we will solve most of the issues in the upcoming weeks... Read more
We would like to inform you on how we will move forward from this point on. 
Firstly here is a list of the problems that we are facing at the moment:
Serial key / Download / Website:
  • Order is paid, but no serial key is given
  • Serial key is invalid during install or gives runtime error 
  • Serial key is valid and it installs properly, but gives error in DAW
  • Purchase of 2+ orders but only receiving 1 key
  • Cannot download and/or it gives errors during (stops randomly)
  • The download speeds are very low
  • Postal code / country issues when registering and placing an order
  • Password reset issues
  • The amount of Genesis Pro products that can be purchased is limited to 1. 
  • Installation/Setup file is corrupt
  • Installer does not properly install all the necessary components
  • Forced to install .dll in Program Files directory
  • Digital certificate issues (windows warning about the installation being dangerous)
Genesis Pro:
  • When a project is saved and loaded, it does not load the set values properly
  • Picasso mode bugs (not saving skins / affecting knob positions when used)
  • Minor audio and GUI bugs
  • Forced to run as administrator
  • XP is not visible
64-bit pre-wrapped Jbridge version:
  • Unstable, audio issues
  • White / Black screen GUI (incomplete loading)
  • Forced to run as administrator
  • DAW cannot find the .dll
Payment methods:
  • “No payment method available” bug
  • No alternative for regions where paypal is blocked or doesn’t work correctly (ie. Turkey, India)
  • No alternative for Chinese customers
We will solve all these issues within 4 weeks time. We listed the changes downbelow:
Hotfix (Top priority, will be rolled out asap)
  • Serial key and any related problems wil be fixed.
  • A new installer will be available
  • Fix for being forced to run your DAW as administrator
  • Genesis Pro bug fixes
  • Website fixes (password recovery, postal code, no limit on amount of orders)
  • Download fixes
Other changes
  • Pre-wrapped Jbridge version is removed and there will no new pre-wrapped version. We advise those to use Jbridge v1.75 from the official Jbridge website as that version is more stable and offers more settings to try. We will help you find the correct settings for your DAW
  • Forum will be added
  • Manual will be added (will be available within 7 days)
Payment methods
  • Mastercard / Visa will be added
  • Alipay will be added
  • Apple pay will be added
We had a tough launch, but releasing software is never easy. We learned from our experience, we promise to make it up to you and we will provide the service you deserve.