(Re)installation guide for the Genesis Pro

Important note: If you made changes to existing sounds in the factory presets, please resave them on a different name somewhere else than the Genesis folder. So you can easily find them again and reload in the new version. The new version will automatically reset all factory preset values to its original state.

If you already have the Genesis Pro installed and you would like to update:

  • Uninstall all the files by using the uninstaller in C:\Program Files (x86)\GenesisPro
  • Double check if all the files are successfully removed, including the dlls. Search your drive for any GenesisPro files just to be sure. For example: GenesisPro.dll
  • It is very important that your DAW does not use an old dll file.

Download and install:

  • Download and install Genesis Pro 1.0.2. (double check you got this version installed, can be seen on topside of the installer window when installing).
  • Default system files path: C:\Program Files (x86)\GenesisPro (this cannot be changed - moving these files will result in errors).
  • Default .dll path: C:\Program Files (x86)\GenesisProDLL

    The DLL path can be changed, but we recommend having Genesis dll file its own folder especially if you run into issues.

After installation check:

  • Are all the system files correctly installed in: C:\Program Files (x86)\GenesisPro?
  • Are the dlls correctly installed in: C:\Program Files (x86)\GenesisProDLL?

Adding to your DAW:

  • Add C:\Program Files (x86)\GenesisProDLL to your plugin manager of your DAW to scan.
  • Initiate scan and reselect Genesis Pro.
  • Tip for FL users: Please make sure "verify plugin" is checked.
  • Tip for Reaper users: Please make sure you “clear cache/re-scan”.

Note: Projects or sounds created with the old version will give (parameter) errors when you load it in for the first time with the new update. Save the project or sound 1x time and reload, the errors should disappear.