Genesis Pro V1.0.3 Patch Notes – 27th of November 2020
A new patch is now live for the Genesis Pro.

Important note to users that use:

Genesis Pro 64-bit Jbridged V1.0:
If this Jbridged version is working for you, please keep using it. Unfortunately we cannot advise you to update as the new updates only come with the 32-bit installer. The only version that came Jbridged was our launch version on 14th of March We advise these users to wait for the Genesis Pro 2.0.
Genesis Pro 32-bit + standalone Jbridge 1.75: We advise to update to the most recent version.
Genesis Pro 32-bit + DAW that supports internal bridging: We advise to update to the most recent version.

How to get the best performance using the Genesis Pro:
The best performance is achieved using the 32-bit version with a DAW that supports internal bridging (ie. FL Studio, Reaper, LMMS, Bitwig, Cakewalk, T7, older versions of Cubase/Ableton or any other DAW that supports 32-bit plugins).

Unfortunately we cannot guarantee the performance that is promised when using a DAW that doesn’t support 32-bit plugins (such as recent versions of Cubase, Ableton, Studio One or other DAWs that do not support 32-bit). It is worth a shot using Jbridge or any other external bridger, but there is no guarantee that it will work flawlessly.

How to get the Genesis Pro Patch V1.0.3:
The new patch (V1.0.3) can only be applied if you have V1.0.2. installed.
You can download the patch HERE.

How to get the Genesis Pro V1.0.2:
Version 1.0.2. is available since 4th of May in your order history. If you have purchased or downloaded the Genesis Pro after this date, the version you have installed is 1.0.2.

If you haven’t updated yet, to download:

  • Login to your account
  • Click on “Order history and details”
  • Click on “Details” of your order.
  • Click on “Genesis Pro VST Plugin – (click to download)” under product.
  • This will start the download of Genesis Pro V1.0.2. (32-bit installer only)

More information regarding this version can be found HERE (including how to install)

How to install the Genesis Pro Patch V1.0.3:

  • You have installed the latest version of the Genesis Pro available in your order history (V1.0.2.)
  • Start the Genesis Pro Patch V1.0.3. setup
  • Select the folder where you have installed the GenesisPro.dll and click next
  • Your Genesis Pro is now updated to V1.0.3.

Genesis Pro V1.0.3 Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the issue were the selected ROM would reset to the first ROM in the bank upon minimalizing the window.
  • Fixed the issue were some sounds would change upon reloading the project.
  • Fixed minor bugs.
  • GUI Optimizations.

Genesis Pro 2.0 (Native 64-bit / Mac): We know that a lot of people are looking forward to a native 64-bit / Mac version. We are working every day on making that happen. However the rebuilding and replacing of all the modules in the Genesis Pro is a time consuming task. That’s why we cannot pin a date on that just yet. The Genesis Pro 2.0 is considered a long-term project due to its complexity, but we are making great progress as it is our top priority. This new version will be native 64-bit + Mac compatible and it will be significantly improved in every way (quality, performance and CPU/RAM-friendly).

There will be more information released as the project moves forward. We will let all our customers know as soon as the beta version is being tested.

New plugins coming soon:
We thank you for the all the feedback we received. That helps us in improving our service and products for the future.

There are some great new plugins lined up for launch in the near future. These plugins are designed with the focus on being CPU/RAM-friendly, higher quality, better performance, more factory presets and have the expected compatibility (64-bit + Mac). We plan to release these new plugins while we continue our work on bringing you Genesis Pro 2.0.