It is important to run your DAW as Administrator (right-click on DAW, choose Run as Administrator) , otherwise the plugin will not load. It may display "connection error" or "Connection was lost to the plugin".

The Genesis Pro only needs an internet connection during install. After install you can use the Genesis with/without internet connection.

No, the Genesis Pro NEVER shares/stores/sends your data to anywhere. All the data you see (ie. user analytics) is all for the end-user only.<

No, not at the moment. The Genesis Pro is only available for PC. But we are actively working on getting it to Mac.

Yes, the Genesis Pro will come in 2 versions. A 32-bit version and a 64-bit version. The 64-bit version is a pre-wrapped JBridge version.
- PLEASE NOTE: JBridge version is currently not included in the installer.

You should install the 32 bit version as native bridging works most efficient.

You should install the 64-bit Jbridged version.
Jbridge v1.75 is available from the official Jbridge website


Please contact us on, explaining in detail what the problem is. Please mention as much as information as possible about the system you are using (tech specs/OS/DAW).