The Next Generation Virtual Hybrid Synthesizer

- Purely designed to extend your creative potential
- Explore and discover infinite ways of creating sounds
- Get started now with the most complete and intelligent plugin of its kind

Multi-Display: Innovative Multi-Layered Settings

Almost every knob on the interface has its own settings and adjustments. These are shown on the Multi-Display. As a sound designer you can go real in depth, tweak any setting you like!

Multi-Mode: split it or stack it, create original sounds

You get to decide which oscillators you will use to create your sounds. Use 1,2 or 3 oscillators at the same time and stack things up. Or split it up by having a different sound on your right side of the keyboard and something different on the left. Be creative!

Intelligent Chord Mode

Playing chords for some producers can be difficult. Change 5-6 finger chords, into 1 finger chords by simply using the Intelligent Chord Mode. It makes it easier to play difficult chords.

Form your output

Give your sounds the final touch by using the 14 HIGH QUALITY FX build in.

Modulate like you have never before.

Form your sounds to be more organic and complex. The Genesis Pro has 2 comprehensive LFO's and 2 matrix slots with multi outputs to all oscillators. With more than 100 destinations to choose from, you can modulate anything you want to bring your sounds alive. The Genesis Pro has also 4 envelopes build in. Each one assignable to more than 100 destinations as well by using the ADSR routing menu.

Give true depth and colour to your sounds.

Choose up to 8 different kinds of high quality analog sounding filters that can be used in all sorts of combinations.

Give your sounds the final touch

You can add and adjust effects to give your sounds the final touch. The Genesis Pro has master effects build in. You can use the stereo and panning controls together with limiter and master filters to finalize your sounds. Using the Alpha knob gives you the unique option to control as many knobs you want simultaneously.

Go Beyond with Dynamic Link

The Genesis is not an ordinary synth. It's designed in a way to explore all kinds of possibilities to create sound. With Dynamic link, go beyond the boundaries of the synth and make it connect with everything from the outside. It comes as an extra FX plugin which can be used to  route any type of audio signals to modulate values in the Genesis.

Start engineering your sound in Hyperspeed with Hyperkeys

8 selectable combinations (CTRL+1 up to CTRL+8) that operate as hotkeys, with the possibility to assign 22 actions to each key."

Add style to your Genesis with Picasso Mode

It's not just whats under the hood, it also has to look good! Enter Picasso Mode to unleash your full creativity. Change backgrounds, knobs, graphics, text, extra decals...make it as crazy as you want!


Windows 7, 8, 10
Intel Core 2.5Ghz or equivalent AMD CPU, 4 GB RAM
1 GB free disk space
Runs in 32-bit VST & 64-bit VST (bridged)


Mod Oscillator (Substractive - FM - PD)
- 2 Waves each selectable from 6 waveforms
- Unison Modes x2 x4 x6 up to 24 voices per key
- FM and FM Filter
- Multiple Phasing Modes
- Wave Reshaping / Morphing
- Wave Surface
- Multiple PW modes
- Layering Mode up to x2

Rom Oscillator (Rom - Subtractive - FM - PD)
- 2 Waves selectable Over 200 waveforms
- Unison Modes x2 x4 x6 up to 24 voices per key
- Multiple Phasing Modes
- FM and FM Filter
- Wave Reshaping / Morphing
- Multiple PW Modes
- Layering Mode up to x2

Multiwave Oscillator (Hyperwave/Supersaw - Substractive - FM)
- 4 Hyperwaves each consisting of 8 voices selectable from 6 waveforms up to total of 32 voices per key accurately detuned
- FM
- Multiple PW Modes
- Layering Mode up to x2

- 1 Wave Selectable over 200 Waveforms

In Multi-mode you can use 2 or all oscillators simultaneously

- Step sequencer with max 32 Steps
- Arpeggiator
- [EMA] External Midi Sequencing (Load custom midi files as a sequence)
- Split Mode (Split sequence to play on upper or lower piano keys)

- 2 LFO’s with 24 selectable waveforms
- Step Controller with max 16 steps
- 4 ADSR envelopes with 5 destinations
- Matrix with 2 Sources and 5 Destinations
- Each modulation source can target to 145 destinations

- Multi Filter 12db
- Multi Filter 24db
- Analog + Mod Mode
- Hi Pass + Mod Mode
- Band Pass + Mod Mode
- Band Reject + Mod Mode
- Duo Filter Parallel + Mod Mode
- Duo Filter Serial + Mod Mode
- 5 Saturation modes

- Distortion (12 different distortion modes)
- Amp Sim
- Bit Reducer
- Crusher
- Phaser (8 Stages)
- Flanger
- Ensemble
- Vibrato
- Vowel Filter
- Equalizer
- Delay
- Hyperspace Reverb
- Sidechainer
- Hyper Filter

- 12 Key polyphony up to max 480 voices simultaneously
- Preset browser with categories
- Quick preset browser
- Audition Mode (Preset demonstration)
- User analytics (Work progress analyzer)
- Portamento Quantizing
- Note Remapping
- Auto Strum Mode
- Auto Glide Mode
- Envelope Response
- Output Color
- Master Limiter
- Master Filters
- Stereo Image Expander
- Auto Key Panning

- Dynamic Link (Use any incoming audio signal to modulate values or trigger notes)
- Multi Mode (Create multi layered sounds and Split Instruments)
- X-Gen Tone Generator (Auto preset generator)
- Intelligent Chord Mode
- Alpha Knob (Link as many knobs and control them with 1 knob)
- One click template loader (Fx - Modulation and Layering templates)
- Hyperkeys (Assign hot keys to various actions)
- Picasso Mode